The Noseflutes: a band of gentlemen ranging in number from six to eight members.

Martin Longley – vocals, sax, trombone
David Pritchard – guitars, bass guitar
John Horton – guitars, bass guitar, keyboards
Chris Horton – bass guitar, keyboards, guitars
Chris Long – keyboards, violi
n, guitars
Ron Collins – drums and percussion
Mark Rowson – drums, percussion, keyboards
Trevor Lines – drums, percussion, bass
Roger Turner – drums and percussion

  • Martin, David, John and Chris went to school together in a village called Great Wyrley. They started a band.

  • Martin went to live in Birmingham and made new friends – Mark, Trevor and Ron. They all came together and played in the band at various times. Roger, a drummer and percussionist also recorded with the band.

  • The band began playing at the Birmingham musical co-operative evenings at the local communist club in Birmingham (The Star Club). They were so entertaining that they released a track on a compilation album.

  • John Peel played their track on his radio show and invited them to record a session. The band recorded an EP called ‘Girth’ and recorded their first Peel session, which he seemed to like very much.

  • The Noseflutes went on to record two further EPs, The Ravers and Heartache is Irresistible. To date they have recorded three LPs, Several Young Men Ignite Hardboard Stump, Zib Zob And His Kib Kob, and Mellow Throated. They recorded three further John Peel sessions and played at various venues across the UK and a bit of Europe.

  • A new CD compilation on Gott Discs featuring a Noseflutes track is forthcoming. CDs of Zib Zob and Mellow Throated will be available in the future.

  • Today they are much older but still make a lot of musical noise whenever the mood takes them, although they do get worn out more quickly.